Gdynia Maritime University, Maritime Institute

Since 1920 the University has been preparing graduates for officer positions on board merchant marine vessels and for managerial positions at the land-based institutions and companies representing the maritime industry and seaside regions. The Maritime University also actively co-operates in the conduct of joint research projects. Whereas the Maritime Institute (MI) conducts research work, scientific and implementation projects, studies and assessments among others in the field of  transport economy, maritime law and economics, modernization and management of sea ports, monitoring and threats prevention of the Southern Baltic, water economy and maritime engineering, shaping and conservation of the nature, management of the coastal areas, establishing databases and implementing a new technologies. The Maritime Institute has a huge experience in the research implementation and transfer of R&D results and in conducting international research projects. The Maritime Institute as a Lead Partner of the project Liquid Energy will be responsible for coordination activities, management and internal communication between partners of the project. The MI will be responsible for collecting information related to the impact of the use of (Bio-)LNG solutions on the environment. The MI will take care also of activities related to investment - refuelling mobile (bio-)LNG station.