University of Rostock

The University of Rostock has been founded in 1419 and has now 9 faculties with about 3.000 employees and about 13.000 students. It’s represented by the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology, which has 220 employees and about 1.500 enrolled students. 

The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Marine Technology has experience and specialized knowledge in the field of gas transportation technologies (pipelines, maritime transport of LNG and CNG) and storage systems. Realized projects at the faculty: 

  • “Comparison study of the most advanced CNG technology” (Knutsen OAS Shipping, EuroPipe AG)
  • “Low Cost Flexible Automation: Mechanization in Small to Medium Shipyards” (7. FP, 2013-2016)
  • “Execution and reliability of slip resistant connections for steel structures using LS and SS” (Research Fund for Coal and Steel, 2014-2016)
  • EMShip M120+ (ERASMUS +). 

URO has experience in basic training of students and in addition in advanced training of adult experts as well as in the organization and realization of advanced courses for unemployed engineers and refugees in collaboration with private academies and in the design of advanced courses for engineers according to market demands.

URO will be mostly involved in activities within a pilot demonstration action: the adaptation of a small ship towards using LNG as fuel. Furthermore URO will also be involved in collecting information on solutions and preparing feasibility studies relevant for the conversion of small ships and boats towards LNG. Additionally, the knowledge gained from the project will be included into future daily teaching activities for students. As a university, the main interest is to put the existing experience in education, training and research to the growing market of LNG activities at national and cross border level. This is in accordance with the demand of companies and authorities. Thus, URO will also contribute to the development of training materials.