Association for the Promotion Knowledge about Sea

TKWoM (Towarzystwo Krzewienia Wiedzy o Morzu - Association for the Promotion Knowledge about Sea) is an association operating in Szczecin since 1995. Initially, the Association dealt with the promotion of activities related to maritime education. It has 40 members and a five-member board of the Association. In the framework of this activity, educational events for youth and teaching in the College Maritime School were organized. Since 2002, the Association has launched the College Maritime School in Szczecin, which educates about 100 students a year. Association for the Promotion Knowledge about Sea is the owner of the College Maritime School, runs courses ensuring the qualification of a navigational and mechanic technician, and obtaining a maritime diploma at the operational level. The Association raises funds as part of tuition fees, government subsidies and cooperation with the Maritime University of Szczecin.