German Association of Transport Sciences Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V.

For an industry oriented economy a quantitatively and qualitatively reliable supply of energy is a high priority. Energy transition requires accelerated use of regional resources. In the global network of economic structures an independent power supply is becoming increasingly significant even at the expense of a higher cost of energy. This is a specific technological issue that the project will address, for a broader and  more universal use of liquefied gas (LBG/LNG) as an alternative fuel In the future. Therefore, we will support the project by: 

  • - Providing knowledge and expertise to support the project team in the implementation
  • - Participating in the joint and cross-border events, 
  • - Promoting and position the results achieved in the region and outside,
  • - Using the project results as best-case scenarios and practices to transfer the knowledge, 
  • - Ensuring that the applicable target groups and related stakeholders from the region are informed and involved in the project.