Cryo Pur is a company that opens the way to projects, enabling farmers, communities and businesses tp produce their own energy from organic waste, and participates in the development of a local circular economy, through the creation of new carbon-neutral and decentralized energy infrastructure. In addition to bio-LNG, Cryo Pur technology produces liquid and pure bio-CO2 which can be sold for many applications (e.g. dry ice, greenhouses, refrigerated transport), and thus improves both the economics and the environmental footprint of biomethane projects. Thus, AP20 deals with aspects fully in-line with the scope of the L-Energy project. Therefore, the AP20 will contribute to the L-Energy project by strengthening of the presence of business perspective of potential and the application of renewable energy sources (biogas) in the relevent areas. AP20 will contribute its knowledge gained withinits other activities / projects and cooperate mainly with PPs on the practical application aspects.